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Google Polymer – Advanced : Create a Custom Element

Getting Started

This tutorial I will walk through the code and explain each item and its importance. This tutorial is not to teach you CSS or basic HTML. This is an example of how to use Google’s Polymer to make a complex custom element.

What this tutorial covers

  • Setting up a custom Polymer element.
  • Using Polymer’s Paper Elements
  • Using some Polymer Core Elements. Both UI elements and Functional Elements (core-ajax)
  • I will touch base a little about css3 transitions

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Getting Started with Polymer

cloud 9 idegithub
Google Polymer

In this tutorial we will get familiar with Google Polymer. Learn the basics on importing HTML files, and use the custom polymer tags. Also, touch a little on implementing the paper style polymer elements and use Bower to get it all rolling within the Cloud 9 web based IDE.

Note * Cloud 9 IDE and gitHub are free accounts.
As a UI developer, I highly recommend creating an account for gitHub and keeping it up to date with what you have learned and special projects.

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