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Alexa App Development – Important Notes

Alexa Develpoment

  • Alexa Skills Kit
  • JavaScript ES6 (EcmaScript 2015) || write code in ES5
    • babel transpiler needed
      • If you use babel. I would suggest you have it compile on save.
  • Break your API calls down into modules
  • Keep your entry page clean and easy to read.



  • IntentSchema.json
    • JSON file that should contain your Alexa Skill Intents

root “intents

{ "intents" : [] }
Intents is an array that will hold all of your intent objects

Intent Objects

{ "intent": "myIntent", "slots" : [ ] }
The intent object contains the name of your intent under the key intent and any slots you may need.


"slots": [{ "name": "MySlot", "type": "MY_SLOT_TYPE" }]
Custom slot types are like your parameters. Some one says an Utterance of … “Tell me about my boots” … boots would be the slot type. The Utterance will resemble.
me about my {item}
Where item will be brought into your Alexa Skill Entry Point as an argument with a value of “boots”.

  • SampleUtterances.txt